Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Dinner With Friends

Hi. Well this morning was more or less a write-off.
I was too exhausted to make it to bellringing or church.
The all-age praise worship service went very well, apparently.
I stayed at home and watched the 'Great Manchester Run'.

Lunchtime involved cooking a roast dinner for 2 friends.
It went down very well and the rhubarb crumble was very good too.
We enjoyed an afternoon chatting and watching the Grand Prix.
Songs Of Praise from Port Sunlight was entertaining.

This evening I made it to Parish Communion at Church.
Unfortunately not many other people did.
The choir outnumbered the congregation 5 to 3!
I loved the hymn 'I the Lord of Sea and Sky'.
Towards the end I was exhausted - did not know singing was so energy sapping.
A cup of tea and a biscuit revived me and we dealt with the ants invading the church kitchen.

Tonight a night in front of the TV watching 'Young Musician Of The Year'.
The talent the musicians have is amazing.

I am now wondering whether to run the Cotswold 100Ultra.
I ran it last year - 100 miles in a circle through the Cotswolds, starting and finishing in Stratford.
It took me 26 hours and there were only 5 of us out of 8 who finished.
I know there are 27 runners entered and 5 are women.
I do not know if they are running the 50 miler or the 100 miler.
We will see....


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