Sunday, May 30, 2010

Going solo!

Hi. Today has been a church day.
I love church. I have been going regularly now for 6 years.
I have moved from Catholicism to a more ecumenical faith.
My time at St George's, Anglican, has been wonderful.
Today I organised the ringing of the 12 bells there this morning.
Then I sang in the choir for Parish Communion.
The Norwegian Ladies Choir sang beautifully and joined in with the 3 of us choristers.
There were no men in the choir today, which was unusual, but so many people are on holiday.

This afternoon I cleaned the house.
David cooked me a huge lunch, and I ate it all!
I provided the oate apple crumble.

This evening I went solo in the Evensong.
I was the only Choir Member to turn up.
There were 2 other ladies in the congregation of 10.
However all I could hear was my voice as soprano.
Really I am an alto!
It was good to see Harvey the Organist playing, having semi-retired.
The Vicar is off to a Retirement Course this week, as he retires soon.
He has been ordained for 35 years!
I do not want him, or his devoted wife, to leave the Parish.
He has transformed St George's and worked very hard.
His boots will be big to fill!


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