Thursday, May 20, 2010

Aaron's Christening Cake

Hi. Decorated the christening cake this morning.

Took me 3 hours but it looks stunning.
Am really pleased with it.
No idea how it will be cut.
The 3 Disney figures were bought.
The marzipan roses and daffodils I did.
This afternoon I had an MOT at my Doctors Surgery.
I have a few psychiatric problems at the moment.
I am experiencing panic attacks and the anorexia voice is talking in my head.
I cannot afford to lose any more weight.
The nurse arranged for me to see my psychiatrist next wednesday.
I will increase my meds in the meantime.
I hate panic attacks and although I can control them, I cannot stop them starting.
I look forward to getting back to running, but need to see John tomorrow re my calf.

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