Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bees are getting bigger!

Hi. Been a lazy day really. No running - plenty of resting.
Caught up with lots of little jobs this morning.
Praying at the same time my left calf will heal.
Booked a sports massage with John Barton from Crosby Injury Clinic for Friday.
I thoroughly recommend going to him.

This afternoon i helped exercise a severely brain damaged 3 year old boy.
Unfortunately the other lady 'forgot' so there was just his Mum and I.
How you forget a regular appt to help a very disabled boy is beyond me.
Oh well, I am sure there was a good reason but was it good enough?

There was an enormous bee in the house today.
Fortunately I got it in a cup and put it back outside in the garden.
I have never seen such a big bee - must be plenty of nectar around.

This evening I am busy - PCC meeting at church.
This is my first meeting as I was voted on the committee a month ago.
I hope it does not go on for too long! I want to be in bed by 10pm!


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