Monday, May 17, 2010

Free Travel to the Cotswold100Ultra?

Hi. Well it has been an easy day today - watching Eddie Izzard again this morning.
This afternoon was wedding preps for saturday.
I had a shock that my bra size now is a meagre 32B!
I know i have lost weight but I am now slowly disappearing - it seems!
Anyway I am all ready for my sister's wedding.

I am hoping the Steam Packet will give me free travel.
This is the only way I can afford to run the Cotswold100Ultra.
It is 100 miles of hills in under 30 miles.
Last year I ran it in 26 hours 55 minutes.
I would like to beat that time on Friday 25th June 2010.

Last night the video recorder did not record the results of 'Young Musician'.
The programme overan and so the video missed the last 10 minutes!
I had to go to bed praying Lara the pianist had won it.
I found out on BBC News this morning she had.
She is an amazing and very talented musician.
Makes my previous guitar playing look pathetic.



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