Friday, May 14, 2010

A better Day!

Hi. Well today has been good so far.
Mainly because I have had no alcohol today.
Have reduced my alcohol consumption to almost nil over the past 10 weeks.
However I succumbed to 3 pints yesterday at lunchtine with friends.
This triggered off the craving for it and the evening was hard work.
I still, however, have not drunk by myself in 10 weeks.

Have run 4 miles today. Running is easier on my left calf than racewalking.
I will run / walk the IOM end to end challenge in September.
I prefer running to walking and this will be good training for JOGLE 2011.
Obviously I will walk the actual end to end race on 26th September with the other walkers.

Made a pudding today - spiced apple amber.
Looks and smells good.
Cleaned the house today too in preparation for a visitor who is having dinner here on sunday.
The new BBQ worked very well yesterday evening.
Pity the sun was not shining!

The 3 JOGLER's are only miles away from the finish tomorrow at Lands End.
They are 3 incredible people.
I wish I was there to applaud them at the signpost.
Maybe next year I will be there.....


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