Thursday, October 7, 2010

My little Nephew!

Hi. I have not blogged for a week as I have been tired.
I am struggling with SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder.
For those who don't know - SAD affects people in Autumn and Winter.
The light level decreases as the3 days are shorter and darker.
This leaves people tired and depressed as the brain chemicals are not released properly.
I use a SAD lamp in my bedroom in the mornings when I wake up.
I have a dawn simulator - a lamp that comes on during dawn to light my room.
This helps me wake up.
I went to bed last night at 8.30pm and slept 11 hours!
However i woke up refreshed and ran a good 3 miles this morning.
i know i need to run more. I hope to put this into plan next week.

Today and tomorrow I am helping my sister look after our nephew.
He was lovely today.
We tired him out this morning and he slept for an hour on my lap.....ahhh!
We had difficulty getting lunch down him but managed with perseverance.
This afternoon was in the park - he saw 2 tractors today....he loved them!
He then loved my keys as they have a soft car on them.
It took a bit of distraction to get them off him.
We saw the lady upstairs and I walked her little 'min pin' dog.
My nephew loved the dog.....the dog did not love my nephew though!
My brother-in-law turned up to see his happy son enjoying our company.
Why are 2 year olds so lovely!

There is a surprise for everyone in the pipeline this weekend.
Watch this blog - I have some great news to share after i have told my parents on saturday!

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