Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hi. It is wonderful having a fiance.
I cannot wait to get married and everything is falling into place.
I am also on a new medication for bipolar mania.
It has rfemoved my intrusive thoughts and running now is a sheer joy.
The only thing is I cannot sleep, but that means more running!
I have run 86 miles so far this week with 2 marathons.
The marathon today was easy. I ran a 9 minute mile at 24 miles to push myself.
I am trying to engage my core muscles when i run and be upright.
I feel really positive about JOGLE now.
I love running and I am getting faster and stronger.
The powerplate sessions are paying off.
I have been discharged by my physio and all is well with my calf muscle.

I was at Sir Norman's funeral on Friday with 700 other people.
I rang on half-muffled bells and Granada and BBC TV crews were present.
It was a lovely celebration of his life.
May he rest in peace.

God bless, Bye, Bethany.

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