Thursday, September 30, 2010

Running for the loo!

Hi. Well the trots struck again! Managed 3 miles before disaster struck.
I ended up very embarrassed. It was awful.
More washing!
Exercise increases G.I.Tract motility.
In future I will have to dose up on loperamide.
Tomorrow I will do the gym in the morning as it is forecast wet ansd windy!
Then I will run later so hopefully I will be over the loo bit by then!

The garden got done today instead of the run.
I planted bulbs and cleared some of the veg patch.
I picked all the parsnips and some more carrots.
I hate this time of year when everything dies down and goes to sleep.
Roll on Spring and all the tulips, hyacinths and daffs grow.

I am probably going to run on Sunday in the Western 10 race.
10 miles at 10.15am.
It will take me 2 hours.
I won't win anything but it will be good - a fast race for me.

Best wishes, Bethany.

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