Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi. 110 miles in a week - 80 in 33.5 hrs at the weekend.
Will post photos tomorrow.
Rory was wonderful on Friday.
His talk inspired and motivated 50 eager participants.
I raised £250.
On saturday we ran north for 40 miles in 10 hours.
The weather all weekend was superb with lovely views from the many hills.
On sunday we walked in the race.
We did it slowly as we helped some novice walkers to Peel.
Then we had to speed up to make the cut-off.
I got a blister and a sore shin from the steep downhills.
However it was long but fantastic.
Rory and I talked alot.
I need to get training hard for JOGLE next year.
I want to run 30 marathons in 38 days - finishing 100 marathons in total on my birthday.
My birthday is November 4th.

Bye! Bethany.

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