Saturday, September 18, 2010

Change of plans to succeed!

Hi. My E2E runnibg challenge has changed again.
I am now running it 3X and not 6X.
Isla Scott has been brilliant in treating my injuries.
I have a stiff tight lower back and left ankle that is manifesting itself in my calf muscle.
She really massaged my back and calf - I am bruised!
My ankle feels much better.
I see her again on Friday.

So from Monday to Thursday I run a total of 40 miles.
Mon: Sound to Peel (15 miles)
Tues: Peel to Kirk Michael (7 miles)
Wed: Kirk Michael to Ballaugh (5 miles)
Thurs: Ballaugh to Point of Ayre (14 miles).
Then a day off on Friday and Rory arrives for his talk.

Next weekend Rory and I run the double E2E.
I cannot wait for Rory to come.
I have been tidying the house and getting things for the runs sorted.

I was interviewed by Manx Radio on Friday.
It goes on air on Monday Morning.

So far I have sold 34 tickets for Rory's talk - wonderful!
Please get in touch if you want to listen to an amazing guy.
Also if you want to run with us part of the way - please get in touch.


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