Sunday, August 1, 2010

So exhausted......why?

Hi. Well I have not run since those 30 miles.
Last Sunday afternoon the exhaustion hit me at the NSC whilst taking the race results up to the computer room - 22 steps each time.
I made it to Evensong, thinking I was drunk!
Then a week of exhaustion and going up and down.
Twice to the doctors to be diagnosed both times with Gastric Flu.
Gastric Flu? It does not feel like it.
The gastric bit does not feel right - and the flu bit is missing. What?
I feel ill in the mornings and well in the evenings. Why?
I hope it is not ME.
I feel a fraud - using sickness to get attention!
But this is not me. I want to be running. I like that attention.
I am the one exuding energy - the life and soul of the party.
Not comatose on the settee.
Ernie has been wonderful looking after me. He is a gem.
Please God - let me get better. Let me fight this exhaustion. Let me run!


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