Thursday, August 19, 2010

A&E today.

Hi. Saw the consultant this morning.
He said it was not compartment syndrome.
I am not really sure what it is.
However he has referred me for physio.
How long the wait for the appt will be I do not know.
My leg feels fine so 3 weeks more rest.

Saw my nephew this afternoon - he is lovely!
We played in Onchan Park and had an ice cream.
His ear infection has cleared up and he is cheeky and happy.
Oh what it is like to be 20 months old!

Went swimming and was the first Mount Murray member to go to the 'Meet & Greet'.
I met the boss, Jason, and had some buffet.

This evening Ernie helped my friend with her computer.
We got it working, but we need a few bits and pieces for it.
She has a printer but no CD software for it!

Off to bed.
Up early tomorrow - Southport Flower Show for the day.
Cannot wait.
Hope to meet the Hopwood's when we are there as they are going too.
They live in Crosby.
Lots of photos tomorrow.


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