Saturday, August 21, 2010

Southport Flower Show

Hi. Yesterday I spent a day away - well a full day.

The force 8 gale in the Irish Sea meant our 7 hour visit to the UK turned into 10 hours!

I arrived with Ernie at 11am after a queasy, bumpy sailing.

Trust me to run out of seasick pills the day before we set sail!

We found the coach - eventually - and began our trip to Southport.

The flower show was amazing.

The highlight were the eagles and vultures.

We met the Hopwood's and enjoyed Pimm's with them.

We headed back to Liverpool at 5.30pm.

We ate tea at Rigby's before ringing the bells at Pierhead.

The boat left at 10pm. I slept on the floor.

The crossing was now calm.

I fell asleep for 3 hours to wake up at Douglas Breakwater.

We were back home - it was 1.30am!

However the photos will tell you it was good - well worth it.

A lie-in was all that was required!

Sleep and more sleep.....


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