Friday, July 23, 2010

30 miles to Ramsey!

Hi. Well yesterday I got past Kirk Michael.
Starting from Port Erin I got to Peel in 2 and 3/4 hours.
The Sloc was beautiful. i love the hills. i run on the roads.
I asked a guy in Dalby if he could fill my water bottle.
He was watering his plants and joked that if he gave me water from his watering can, the plant food in it would make me go faster! If only! A bit of miracle-go!
I had a sandwich in the Creek Inn before heading to Kirk Michael.
I hate the Peel to K. Michael road as the pavement is awful to run on.
It is like doing x-country.
After a custard slice in K. Michael i ran to Ramsey along the main road.
It took me six and a half hours, averaging 12 minute miles.
The bus to Laxey and a pint with Ernie to relax with.
Ernie cooked me dinner - steak and kindney pud (well steak, could not find the kidney!)

Today cleaning the church and the powerplate.
Would have loved to have run today but too many pressures.


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