Saturday, June 12, 2010

Running to help!

Hi. Well another senior race day is over and TT2010 is over.
The thousands will be travelling back home now.
Unfortunately 2 riders are dead and 2 more injured.
I pray for their families and wish the latter speedy recoveries.
It brings home how dangerous the TT is.

On a happier note we all watched the white helmet display team on the Prom.
It was amazing the bike stunts and the precision and discipline of the servicemen.
Then the purple helmets performed naked, raced wheelie bins and were a complete contrast to the white helmets. All their stunts were amazing.
The onlyproblem was we had tea at 6pm and had spent until 10.30pm standing up.
Ernie's brother is diabetic and began to have a hypo on the walk home.
It was all uphill and he was exhausted.
So I ran a mile ahead of them to get my car and meet them halfway with a banana.
He was fine after tea and toast at home.
However,my leg was fine. My calf did not complain and I ran fast and strong.
It all bodes well for training this week.

So the island will be peaceful again in 24 hours.
Some bikes were modern and amazing,others were old and had done many miles.
I have loved the TT atmosphere again.
But it will be nice to be back to usual routines again,


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