Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Running between exhaustion!

Hi. Well I ran to Peel today - 13 miles. Ernie took the photos in the 8am sunshine. However I ran along the Heritage Trail.
It is very heavy with pollen from the grasses, flowers and trees.
After having a mild asthma attack I got onto the road and the sea air and an antihistamine in Peel helped me recover.
So I have run 26 miles in 2 days and are sore and stiff.
The tiredness is getting debilitating.
My vitamin B12 and folate are low.
Going to see the doctor on Tuesday, if I can manage up to then.
Ernie is tired too - maybe it is my cooking!
Anyway I won't stop running as this helps give me energy, and I love it.
Ernie is helping me alot despite his forehead and sore eye.
Thanks Ernie.

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