Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to the running!

Hi. Well today was a fun day.
I ran 13.5 miles, met lots of people I know and had a session on the powerplate.
This demolished my quads as the personal trainer, Richie, who I have worked with, made me do lots of squats. I chose 'BodyShack Gym', where I used to work as a gym instructor, as the Powerplate sessions are good value for money and you get a personal trainer.
My next session is on friday with core stability at Mount Murray on wednesday.

Our guests have flown home and the house is peaceful, although I have mounds of bedding to wash. Ernie seems fine today. I am the one struggling with racing thoughts in my head.

Gave Kemmyrk £200 from JOGLE sponsorship and the photo is going to the papers.
That made me feel good!

My leg seems much better and I will run to Peel tomorrow.
The weather is glorious!


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