Sunday, June 13, 2010

Civic Sunday

Hi. Well today the new mayor started his duties by attending our church.
The church was full of councillors, standard bearers and MHK's - politicians!
After a short, quick shower which duly soaked Douglas Town Band and all the guests, the service got underway. The organist, fresh from his holiday, played magnificently and loudly and we sang, amongst others, the Royal Anthem, 'Ellan Vannin' and the Manx National Anthem.
Afterwards we all trooped to the Town Hall for food and drinks.
I spoke to an MHK and the former Mayor and Mayoress.
I then collared the Mayor, who knew me (!) and spoke to him about running.
It was a good morning.

Ernie and I arrived home to a wonderful roast turkey dinner - thanks Linda.
Everyone then left to cuddle the cats at the 'Mann Cat Sanctuary' whilst I slept.
Why do I need a sleep everyday?
I think it is all the soporific medication I am on to help me slow down and keep calm!
I am not sure what would happen without it.

Parish Communion this evening.
I donot think I will be singing solo as the organist's wife is back.
How many in the congregation? lets hope more than one!


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