Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leap of Faith

Hi, well today I learnt a big lesson.
I need to eat alot more food to stop the blood sugar crashes.
To do this I must overcome my fear of food and putting on weight.
Take, for example, the fairy cakes today.
I avoided the chocolate ones and took a plain one because I was too scared ther chocolate one would put lots of weight on me. How stupid is that?!

I ran 3 miles from St John's to Peel.
I then rang the bells at the Cathedral for the Canon's mother's funeral.
I enjoyed it - they are nice bells and we rang call changes.
I then tolled the half muffled tenor as the coffin left the church.
I then ran home from Peel.
I called in at my Aunt's house along the way as it was sooo hot and I saw Mum driving there with my nephew.
I later rescued a woman's dog lead that had fallen onto the path.
I ran after her and ran a mile further than I had planned.
That meant I ran 17.4 miles and felt good.

Tonight the home group was about the Holy Spirit.
Also the 'leap of faith' that we must make to trust in God.
The Spirit is there to guide us if we let him in.
I love the Holy Spirit!


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