Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The other side....

Hi. Well I think I can see the other side of my illness.
I drove my car today for the first time in 2 weeks.
I went swimming and it was lovely exercising again.
However I was exhausted this afternoon and spent 2 hours in bed recovering.
Small things are still hard to do.
I am trying the gym tomorrow and will do some art at the Star Club.
In the afternoon I will probably sleep.
i would love to run but my calf muscle is playing up.
I am having a sports massage on Thursday and will ask John to massage my tight hamstrings and lower back.
I am beginning to look forward to my birthday on Thursday.
I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone.
I cannot get enthusiastic for Xmas.
I have not had a good year - injury and illnesses.
i feel I have not done enough.
I try hard and it all falls to pieces.
I still have managed to run 1750 miles so far this year.
I hope after Malta I will run again.
I am not bellringing tonight - I am tired now and do not think I could cope.
I am drinking alot less cider now.
I do not feel the need to drink during the day and am sticking to pubs for cider with Ernie.
I think each day is getting a bit easier.
I must be patient!
Bye. Bethany.

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