Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hi. Well today I have felt much better.
I have managed to go through the day without a sleep.
I am learning that on these tablets I need to eat every few hours.
I get very tired without food and the difference after food is amazing.
I drove to the Star Club this morning and painted a picture - it looked very colourful.
I then played WII bowling. I have never used WII before.
It was really good and alot easier than real 10 pin bowling.
I was quite good and got a few strikes.
I enjoyed it but found it nerve-racking!
I came second but nearly won.

I managed to go shopping by myself and coped despite buying toast sliced bread as it looked very similar to medium sliced!
I have now packed for our holiday - I am looking forward to warm weather.
Tomorrow is my birthday - I am having a pub lunch with Ernie and David.

Each day I have got stronger and less confused.
I am not out of the woods yet but am well on the way along the road to recovery.
Bye. Bethany.

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