Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to....

Hi. Well today has been okay but somehow the years get less appealing to everyone.
I am 39 years old today and a bit of a nondescript event.
Ernie and David provided some support in the form of lunch.
I paid for the desserts. I do not think David was thinking.
He gave me a £10 note to spend in the UK.
However I had to pay for the desserts out of it.
I bought a CD walkman out of some money for me. Back to basics now.
I also got a portable CD player frommy sisters and euro's from my parents.
However there was no birthday cake or candle.
No birthday song either.
I remember when this was a big thing at tea time.
However I did not cook myself a cake so there was none.
I just hope next year - the big 4-0- is a wee bit more special.
Bye. Bethany.

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