Monday, April 25, 2011

Running again!!

Hi. Well, I am so happy to say it - I am getting better!

I ran 4.5 miles on friday and 9.6 miles on saturday to St John's - in the heavy rain.

I would have run to Peel if I had not been so wet!

I still am unwell at times.

Sitting still, especially in church, causes me almost to pass out.

I get short of breath too occasionally and I tire quickly.

The running went well with not many health problems - I struggled for the last mile.

The abdominal scan showed no problems and I am waiting for the results of the 24hr blood pressure monitor I had last week.

Ernie is very supportive and caring.

He fully supports my running.

It has been a pleasure to start gardening again and hopefully grow more veg.

I am watching JOGLE closely and hope to run it next year.

4 of the 7 runners have dropped out by the end of day 3.

Bye, Bethany.

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