Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 steps forward, 1back!

Hi. Well after a great day yesterday it is back to the floor today.
Yes, quite literally the floor.
I have felt light-headed all day and lying on the floor makes me feel a bit better.
I spent 2 hours with Mum and Aaron and enjoyed Port Jack Glen.
He is a cheeky monkey with the terrible twos!

The Masterchef final last night was amazing!
I wish I could cook half as well.

I am so pleased with my running.
27 miles in 7 days.
Today I might get on my feet and run later.
I am thinking about a running challenge on the island.
I tried to run 100 lengths of the Prom over 3-4 days 2 years ago.
I wonder if I can attempt something similar at the end of July or beginning of August?
I need challenges to focus on.
I need to beat this horrible illness.

Bye from the lounge floor,

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