Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good going!

Hi. Well JOGLE 2011 is interesting.
Many congratulations to Steve who pulled out today at 20 miles on DAY SIX!
Well done.
All the best to Mike - the lone runner now with 10 more days of running ahead.

I have run 24 miles in 6 days with 4 more to do tonight.
I am getting stronger and the running is getting easier.
I am determined to run M2M - across Ireland in September - 30 miles a day for 11 days.
I cannot wait to get on the tour bus again and run and run.
i get pain in my legs sporadically for no reason.
it is the nerve pain from my illness.
I am getting better now and only 2 severe seizures in the past week have stopped me a bit.
Feeling positive, focussed and happy.
Ernie is fantastic and supportive.
It is good to see him happier now I am getting better.
summer will be a good one, starting with our honeymoon "cruise" on the Caledonian Canal.
Onwards and upwards,

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