Sunday, July 10, 2011

Exercising hope!

Hi - well I am back! Sorry for the "holiday".
I see the Neurologist in August and have received medical records from my time spent in Manchester hospitals with a similar illness.
I have run / walked for 3 weeks now.
The first two weeks were 30 miles, this last week I have covered 42 miles in total.
I am determined to do Rory's M2M Ultra Race in Ireland in September.
It is 345 miles - about 30 miles - in 11 days.
The running is getting easier and I feel very positive and less stressed.
This means that the illness is in the background and easier to cope with.
Running is key to my overall health.

Ernie is very caring and supportive.
Our honeymoon was wonderful.
York Railway Museum was fascinating.

Best wishes, Bethany.

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