Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding Excitement!

Hi. Well in a few days I will be married to the man I love deeply - Ernie.
Hopefully the past weeks of illness will disappate as i walk down the aisle with him.
We have been through so much with my physical health deteriorating.
He has been a rock and the only person who understands and sees this illness.
People are stressing me when they say I am stressed about the wedding.
At times I am confused which is unpleasant and I cannot remember things.
The seizures have gone but when my blood pressure drops, say after a meal, I have to lie down on the floor with my legs elavated for 2-5 mins.
I cancelled my hen night but enjoyed tea and cakes with some close relatives last sunday pm.
My GP was supposed to phone me last night with the blood test results from Tuesday.
This would have told her if I have pernicious anaemia and if so I would be having a vitamin B12 injection today. However I still do not know what is wrong with me. All I know is:
I am struggling to make red blood cells so am on folic acid as that was low. Why?
I have abnormal immunoglobulin results which may point to an underlying auto-immune disease. I have these blood tests repeated in 4 mths time. What does it mean?
My globulin level is going up instead of down after the flu had. Why?
I am really going to enjoy the next few days.
Bye, Bethany.

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