Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Positive thinking!!

Hi. Well life is beginning to get easier.
The sinusitis is still a problem and makes me tired and headachey.
I have good days and bads days.
However the good days are getting more.
I do get tired easily.
I have started walking.
JOGLE is 10 weeks away. I want another go at it.
I have the experience of running part of it last year.
I have no idea how far I will get this year as I have done little training.
However if I can heal my injuries and get no more I will be okay.
Last year half of us had injuries before we started JOGLE.
I need to get back to normal - training and enjoying life.
The wedding is 4 weeks away and plans are going well.
Ernie is my rock and my healer.
I cannot wait to become his wife.


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